Modern Masters Paint

Upgrade With Modern Master’s Paint

Is one of your kids graduating from high school and going off to college? This can be a sad day for your checkbook and you will probably miss your child greatly, but the good news is that you now have another entire room at your disposal! Whether you are looking into making that room a… read more

How to Stencil With Modern Master’s Paint

Stenciling with Modern Master’s paint is a wonderful way to add some life and design to an otherwise plain wall. Stenciling seems easy enough, but it takes some skill to get that professional look that we all want. Just because you are an amateur doesn’t mean that you can’t get a beautiful result. Following these… read more

Enhance Your Home With Modern Masters Paint

Most homes are white and boring when  you first move into them. The white gives you a sterile, run of the mill look that just won’t do.  Here are Mark’s Paint Store, we have a great solution that can help you to show off your creativity and style! We have a wide variety of Modern… read more