Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint And So Much More

We have been working with the film and television industry for almost 30 years now. We are proud to say that now, we have expanded so that everyone has access to our amazing products. We have the privilege of working with such a wide variety of customers. Whether you are painting a set or sprucing… read more

Discover Which Modern Masters Metallic Paint Will Grace Your Walls

If you are looking to add a little glam into any room in your home, utilizing stunning stenciling with metallic paint is a great option. Combining stencil with metallic paint will give you a look that is bold, yet quite mesmerising. Give that room a modern, edgy look with a stunning metallic gold, or perhaps… read more

Paint Your Furniture With Modern Master’s Metallic Paint

You have probably heard the saying, “All that glitters is not gold.” But just because something isn’t gold doesn’t mean that it can’t still be fabulous! For those of us that can’t afford to always buy top-of-the-line products this can be especially true when it comes to your furniture. If you would love to get… read more

Modern Master’s Metallic Paint for Your Trim

Have you been looking for a great way to spruce up your home? Most home improvement projects are a huge investment of time and money, but there is one simple way to make a drastic difference in your home without a lot of hassle –painting your trim. White trim can be beautiful and crisp, but… read more

Enjoy Great Deals on Modern Master’s Metallic Paint

Color is one of the most dynamic tools that you have for the look and feel of your home. No other decorative piece plays such a big part in bringing a room together or determining the mood in a home. Color can make a big first impression on guests and it can even help you… read more

A Great Glimpse Of Metallic Paint

Have you ever worked tirelessly to find that perfect shade of paint, only to have it look completely different on your walls? This can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Not only have you wasted money on buying said paint, now you have to find a whole new color and repaint. Luckily for your Mark’s… read more

Add New Depth With Metallic Paint

You can add a whole new layer of depth to your walls with our metallic paint. This stuff can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Giving your home a face lift has never been this affordable before.… read more