How to Stencil With Modern Master’s Paint

Modern Master's Paint

Stenciling with Modern Master’s paint is a wonderful way to add some life and design to an otherwise plain wall. Stenciling seems easy enough, but it takes some skill to get that professional look that we all want. Just because you are an amateur doesn’t mean that you can’t get a beautiful result. Following these easy steps will help you to get the incredible results that you have always wanted.

  1. It is important to stencil on a smooth surface, so before you get started fix any existing cracks or damaged spots and apply a base coat.
  2. Position your fist stencil on the least noticeable wall in your room and secure it with painter’s tape. We use painter’s tape because it will be easier to remove without pulling up paint from the base coat. You can use a level and ruler to ensure that you are getting a straight design.
  3. Pour a small amount of paint on a Styrofoam plate. You won’t need much, just about the size of a quarter.
  4.  Using a small stenciling brush, dab on the color in the stencil. The other option is to stencil with a roller. Remember to use a smaller roller and take a “less is more” approach to the amount of paint that you use. Using less paint will help to prevent bleeding from under your stencil.
  5. Keep a few moist q-tips and paper towels handy in case you make a mistake.

Stenciling is one of the best ways to enhance the look and feel of every room in your house. For a more dynamic look, try stenciling with Modern Master’s metallic paint. Following these steps will help you to get beautiful results that you will be proud to show off to everyone that comes to your house.

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